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About Sketch


A hybrid of beauty and brains the Sketch Notebook puts your left brain and right brain on the same page.

A hybrids of sketchbooks and notebooks, SketchNotebooks allow you to draw and write on the same page to communicate whole concepts in an organized way. No more drawing through ruled lines and no more having your notes go off in a slant. Created with artists and students in mind, sketch notebooks are geared to bring drawing and writing together.

A marriage of art and science, Sketch Notebooks are for those who think with both sides of the brain. They allows free form thoughts as well as structured notes to be kept in the same book. In the past you would often have to keep separate books for notes and another for sketches, but not any more.

Currently Sketch Notebooks are offered in 6 x 9 in, 9 x 7 in, and 8.5 x 11 in sizes. Sketch Notebooks are ideal for artists, designers, cartoonists, engineers, scientists, architects, and students.

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